#WTH is Health Insurance?

Whether you’ve just arrived or you’re a returning student, the Canadian healthcare and insurance systems can be extremely confusing and they are diffferent in every province. Health insurance is the type of coverage that pays for your health and medical expenses…

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#WhatTheHeck is Tulay?

You’ve probably heard about us already if you’re one of our friends. But if you’re new: Welcome to our blog series: #WhatTheHeck with Tulay. We have been present on social media, and not to brag, but we won pitch competitions ;)…

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Tulay Founders

Hi there 👋🏼!

We are Alyssa and Bernice, founders of Tulay.

We created Tulay to help international students in Canada find health insurance policies to meet their medical needs. Welcome t our blog where we share weekly tidbits about health insurance for international students in Canada.

Let us know if you’re curious about some topics that we should discuss!

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