Whether you’ve just arrived or you’re a returning student, the Canadian healthcare and insurance systems can be extremely confusing and they are diffferent in every province.

Health insurance is the type of coverage that pays for your health and medical expenses when you fall sick or get injured.

Health insurance provides you coverage for medical services like routine doctor visits, emergency care, dentist appointments, and counselling.

By having health insurance, you are protected from paying expensive medical bills that you can’t afford, out-of-pocket.

Some provinces provide provincial health coverage to international students who live and study in the province. However, the majority of provinces require students to register for private health insurance plans. These plans are usually bought through your university (paid as part of your tuition fees) or through an insurance partner (like Tulay).

We want to revolutionize how you learn about your health insurance coverage and how you can get the best advantage out of it!

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