You’ve probably heard about us already if you’re one of our friends. But if you’re new: Welcome to our blog series: #WhatTheHeck with Tulay. We have been present on social media, and not to brag, but we won pitch competitions 😉 But really, we’re on journey to make international students in Canada feel protected and cared for and this is the first step.

Bernice and I started as seat-mates during the orientation week of our graduate program, Masters of Business Entrepreneurship and Technology (#BestProgram), at the University of Waterloo. Bernice, the quiet, critical thinker and the creative brain of Tulay shared her family’s experience with the health insurance system in Canada. If you haven’t heard about her family’s story, it’s the most shocking part of our pitch 😀 Imagine paying thousands of dollars for medical fees on top of your tuition and living expenses in Canada. 

This sentiment and personal experience gave birth to our startup. Tulay is a Filipino word for bridge or connect. We want to be the bridge for international students to find the right health insurance policy in Canada. We are building an InsurTech startup that aims to connect international students to equitable health insurance plans in Canada (sounds cool, right?). 

We’re not only creating THE BEST and THE MOST comprehensive health insurance plans for international students, we want to help international students understand their health insurance policies. 

With Tulay, we will revolutionize how young people learn about the medical benefits they pay for and how they can use their medical coverage in a simple and efficient manner. 

We’ll be back next week with more blog posts for you. 

Peace out!